May 25, 2016

Farmers Market Tips


IMG_1855To the Market we go! We had such a great time at the Farmers Market, walking around seeing the farmers and the pride they had in their products. It was truly some of the freshest spices, vegetables, and flowers we had seen in a while. We strongly encourage you to support your local farmers and take the family for a fun, Saturday morning outing to talk about the benefits of eating a healthy diet.

If you haven’t been to a Farmers Market, it is a really nice experience. You can expect to find many vendors offering lots of different options including flowers, vegetables, salsas, meat, dairy, jams, baked goods, plantable herbs, wood working, skin care products, candles and much more!

Before you go, here are a few tips to prepare you:

  1. Saturday. The Farmers Market is open every Saturday from 7:30am-noon through October 29th. It is located at 4th Ave SE, Rochester.
  2. The earlier, the better. While anytime is a good time, try to go earlier to get the freshest products.
  3. Bring cash. While some vendors may take credit cards, cash is easier & the entire profit will go to the farmers.
  4. Bring a cooler. If you plan to buy meat or dairy, we recommend bringing a cooler. It’s nice to walk around so having a cooler on hand will make sure you don’t feel rushed.
  5. Bring your own bag. It encourages and supports an eco-friendly environment.
  6. Bring a vase. If you plan to buy fresh cut flowers, bring a vase to avoid laying them down in your vehicle.
  7. Get in your steps. The Farmers Market exudes healthy living, so park farther away and get in your steps!

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