May 2, 2016

Grilled Salmon Recipe


IMG_5873Try this tasty salmon dish from the DAHLC kitchen! It's healthy AND delicious!

-1/2 T canola oil
-4 salmon fillets, 6 oz. each
Season to taste with salt-free herb & spice blend (examples: basil, dry mustard, lemon juice, or paprika)

Cover grill with tinfoil. Spread and heat canola oil on tinfoil. Season salmon with herb/spice blend on both sides and put on tinfoil. Sear each side for about 4 minutes. Turn fish and continue cooking another 4 minutes. Internal temperature should reach 145 degrees. Remove from grill and serve immediately. Potatoes and asparagus pair nicely with salmon.

Yield: 4 servings
Nutrition info per salmon fillet:
Calories: 200     |       Protein: 25g       |      Carb: 0g      |       Total fat: 10g

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