April 28, 2016

Member Success-Kent!


IMG_1101After numerous attempts to lose weight by following a variety of diets and weight loss programs, Kent Suffrins experienced only temporary success. “I seemed to end up back where I started,” says Kent. With a desire to have a more permanent transformation, Kent explored the option of surgery. As he prepared for the procedure, he was learning ways to eat healthier and, consequently, began to lose weight. Kent decided to forego surgery and continue his healthier eating habits as well as incorporating a regular exercise routine. Kent also mentioned that MyFitnessPal and his Fitbit were helpful tools for his weight loss, yet he attributes much of his success to the DAHLC and the wide range of healthy amenities the facility offers.

Kent’s recommendations for a sustainable healthy lifestyle change:

  • Setting short AND long-term goals
  • Portion control, food variety and a regular exercise program are key to a successful change
  • Stop using the word “diet” because of its negative and temporary connotations. It’s about a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix. Focus on sustainable change, and allow yourself to enjoy things in moderation. “Many times how we label things has a direct effect on how those labels impact us.”

After losing 100 pounds already, Kent found his extra motivation when his daughter announced her engagement. He set a goal to lose another 65 pounds within the next 10 months so that he could walk his daughter down the aisle feeling as good as he did when he got married 30 years prior. As evidenced in his picture from his daughter’s wedding day, Kent was looking fit and dapper as ever, which made the day extra special.

Thank you, Kent, for sharing your inspiring story with us! You are a conqueror!

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