April 23, 2016

Nutrition Tip – Try a New Veggie

By Kate- Dietitian

IMG_0252Whether you are looking for a new one to grow or exploring the local market, there are shake up your usual vegetable routine.  Here are a few new ones:

  • Summer Cupcake squash. Rich sweet flavor. Ideal for roasting, grilling, broiling and stuffing.  High in vitamins A & C, potassium and fiber.
  • Ruby Glow lettuce. Crisp deep purple leaves with a vibrant red heart. Great in salads. High in antioxidants anthocyanin, folate and fiber.
  • Chiba Green Beans. Flavor packed large deep green color. Tasty eaten fresh. Good source of fiber and vitamin C.
  • Mexican Sour Gherkin Cucumbers.  Grape size sweet cucumber with a sour aftertaste. Terrific in stir fries or eaten raw in salads. Also good for pickling.
  • Purple Haze Carrots. Add colorful zest to meals. Sweet, delicious raw or cooked. Low in calories. high in vitamin A, lutein, and anthocyanins.

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