April 7, 2016

World Health Day – 5 Fast Facts


Happy World Health Day! The World Health Organization devotes a day each year to focus on a health problem that affects us all.  This year, their focus is on the chronic disease of diabetes. World Health Day Collage

5 Fast Facts:
Fact #1. Diabetes has become so prevalent that it’s seen as an epidemic and is increasing rapidly in low and middle-income countries.
Fact #2. There are 2 main forms of diabetes.
--Type 1 - pancreas doesn’t produce insulin and injections of insulin are required to survive
--Type 2 - insulin is produced but body is unable to produce enough of it or use it effectively
Fact #3. Type 1 rates have been increasing yearly and no direct cause has yet been found for this increase.
Fact #4. Type 2 makes up 90% of all diabetes cases – being overweight and sedentary are 2 common conditions that raise a person’s insulin needs.

So, is there any good news? Absolutely!!
Fact #5. A large number of Type 2 cases are preventable!  By maintaining a healthy body weight, engaging in regular physical activity and by eating a balanced healthy diet, many of the risks can be reduced.  All these prevention measures are available to you at the DAHLC!

Click and find out more about diabetes and World Health Day from the World Health Organization.

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