April 1, 2016

Member Success – Jodi


JJodiNicholson-2odi Nicholson, a Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center member and Mayo Clinic employee, shared her inspiring story with us on how she set a goal to live a healthier lifestyle.

In 2013, Jodi started changing her habits by working out at home and changing her diet. But, in the months to follow, she found herself slipping back into old habits and wasn’t finding the motivation at home so it prompted her to make a permanent commitment to change her routine.

Jodi was introduced to the Healthy Living Center by a Wellness Champion last October and ever since then, has kept her commitment to herself. She has made it to the gym three times a week and has since lost 17 pounds!

As a single mom, Jodi said that the biggest obstacle is getting up at 4:30am to workout, but that it is all worth it. And in regards to her future, Jodi said, “I feel brighter and lighter! I have confidence in being able to maintain my weight loss and physical fitness goals; not just because I have added it to my daily routine, but because, by adding it to my life, I have also improved my emotional and spiritual health.”

We asked Jodi, what words of encouragement would you share with those who want to make a change? She replied with:

  • You have to start some time, and it might as well be now!
  • I have never once regretted going to the gym, but I have regretted sleeping in.
  • Surround yourself with positive attitudes, and if you are lacking support, you can find it at the Healthy Living Center.

Jodi shared that the support of her family, friends, co-workers and the many great resources and equipment at the Healthy Living Center were a positive factor in helping her achieve her goal.

Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Jodi! You are an inspiration!

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