March 1, 2016

St. Patrick’s Day Workout


We're going green in this workout to celebrate St. Patrick's Day! Try this full body workout using five pieces of equipment: a 20 lb. medicine ball, jump rope, resistance band, 10 lb. weights and valslides (you can adjust the weight based on your comfort). This workout was designed by Tiffany and demonstrated by Brian.

Start with a 5-minute dynamic warm-up such as: knee hug; toy soldier; squat; alternating front lunge + rotation; seal jacks; cross country ski; high knees; and hand walk. Then perform each circuit 2-3 times with 12-15 repetitions each.

Circuit 1:
blog circuit 1

Circuit 2:
blog circuit 2

End with a march to decrease your heart rate, then a 5-minute static stretch. We hope you enjoyed this workout and were introduced to new pieces of equipment you don't typically use. To find more workouts, click here or visit our energy burst videos.

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