February 15, 2016

4 Quick Tips for Track Etiquette


If we consider the fact that the DAHLC, on average, has about 3000 members using the facilities every day, we typically do a great job sharing this space!  But we can always use some reminders to use etiquette, especially when we have a wide variety of people using a given space.  One example of this is070808-199 the walking/running track.
Who uses the track?  Or maybe we should ask, who doesn't use the track?  It's a popular feature for many reasons.  It helps runners stay safe in winter, when outdoor footing can be treacherous.  It helps provide a safe place to walk for those whom a treadmill could present difficult footing.  So with this wide variety of users, it's particularly important for us to remind ourselves of track etiquette:

  1. Walkers on the inside lane; runners on the outside lane.  Be mindful to not stretch across the lanes when walking/running with friends.
  2. When passing, be careful not to get too close to others.  Some are not as solid on their feet and may fear being bumped.
  3. If you need to read/write a message on your phone, please step off the track to do this.  Did you know that every year, 10% of all pedestrian-related emergency room visits are people who are injured while texting and walking?
  4. And always check the sign for the direction of the track traffic each day.

Thanks for your efforts to keep the track a smoothly-running (pun intended) fitness area!

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