December 18, 2015

“Stop giving up”

By Nicole Block

Tanya Kriener, Wellness Champion for Supply Chain Management, believes that health and wellness is an important part of everyone’s lifestyle.  She keeps motivated with a favorite quote hanging above her desk that states, “If you are tired of starting over, stop giving up".

In order to help motivate others in her work group Tanya encourages everyone to find a workout buddy, someone who will help encourage one another and keep them accountable for fitting time in to take care of their health and well-being.  Tanya and several members of her work group head over to the DAHLC to help break up their workday, which involves a lot of sitting.  "We hold each other accountable for getting ourselves to the gym.  While motivation can lack some days, we are glad we went when we are done." She even keeps a medicine ball in her work area that anyone is welcome to use for an energy burst if needed-- that's dedication!

Tanya also believes in giving back and helping others.  She states that, “Everyone should pay it forward or do a good deed at least once in their lives because what might be nothing to you may mean the world to someone else.”  For Tanya, health and wellness are a way of life and it completes who she is.

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