December 7, 2015

5 Etiquette Tips from Danny the Elf


IMG_2033Most of us probably think of elves as making toys or running around in a forest. But the DAHLC has an elf, Danny, who drops in at times.  We've had some reminders from members lately about using etiquette when working out at the DAHLC and Danny is here to help us illustrate 5 important reminders.

1. When using weights, make sure to allow others to work in between your sets.

2. Remember to use the cleaning wipes after all equipment use.
3. Place your used towels and washclothes in the towel bins near the entrance to the locker rooms.

4. Remember to not use your cellphone in the locker room & be aware of your surroundings when listening to music
on the fitness floor or when using the walking-running track.

5. Also, as we are getting close to our busiest time of the year, remember our 3-hour parking in Lot 30 (located on 6th Ave approximately a block north of the DAHLC).

We appreciate feedback from all members so please continue to let us know about concerns or questions!

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Danny that form is looking good!

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