November 17, 2015

Helpful Holiday Nutrition Hints!


With the holidays fast approaching, how do we stay mindful of our health while still enjoying our favorite foods? Well, we are providing some helpful ideas to incorporate into your holiday feast that will make it scrumptious and nutritious.

  1. TurkeyDay2Use a smaller plate, and fill it with more veggies than anything else
  2. Make 2 vegetable dishes available on the buffet table
  3. Set out sliced fruits and vegetables on display in shapes of turkeys, leaves or Pilgrims, and snack on these rather than on higher calorie options
  4. Make a low calorie spritzer by combining seltzer water with cranberry juice. Float a few fresh cranberries for an elegant effect
  5. Be Active: Take a family walk, play charades or have a dance party (or play a dance video game) with family and friends. Incorporate some kind of activity into your holiday festivities.

Food for Thought and Turkey Tidbits:

Remember that one overindulgence is just that, one time. Don't let one holiday, one meal or one bag of chips derail your efforts. Stop, reset and go!

Use resources to track your health efforts, such as a journal or electronic apps. This can include food intake, sleeping patterns and exercise.

Eat wisely during the holidays by filling your plate with at least 2 vegetables or a vegetable and a fruit to fill you up. Next, choose the food that you have waited to eat since last Thanksgiving, and savor each bite. Yum!

Rejoice, rest and regroup at the meal. This is a beautiful meal, so celebrate it and take your time. Rest your fork between bites to pace yourself. Regroup after each food consumed. Pause to notice the color, texture and aroma.

No regrets. Enter into the celebration with a plan to eat your favorites in moderation, savoring each bite, and knowing what foods can fill you up without high calorie counts. If you love pie, plan for it by eating a little less of other items. Enjoy!

It's up to you! Take care of yourself. Eat well, move, rest, repeat.

Keep these hints in mind throughout the holiday festivities, and remember to enjoy the food and the company!


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