October 9, 2015

“Healthy clinicians provide better patient care”

By Nicole Block

andrew klevenThe goal of Wellness Champions is to promote health and wellness to others. With research backing the champion's progress, findings have proved that champions help improve the quality of care and create more productive work atmosphere. Finding time to move throughout the day has Andrew Kleven on the right track to motivate his classmates. "I became a wellness champion because, as a physical therapy student, I aim to promote health and wellness not only in the patients that I treat, but  to my neighbors and coworkers as well. I believe that healthy clinicians provide better patient care. "

Taking a stand, or moreso the stairs, is where Andrew has found success as a wellness champion.  "I have organized a stair challenge for my peers in the first year physical therapy class in the Mayo School of Health Sciences. As a class of 28, we climbed over 40,000 flights of stairs this past winter. It was well received and plan to expand on the challenge to more than just our class next year. My classmates and I are motivated to move by challenges and competition which I think it why this event worked out so well." Moral of the story, keep climbing to reach your maximum health and wellness goals.



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