October 2, 2015

Finding Love at the DAHLC


We know you can find ways to improve your fitness and overall well-being at the DAHLC. But, did you know, you can also find true love? That is exactly what happened for members Kelly and Sara. They took a few of their engagement photos in our Mind/Body Studio and are sharing their love story with us!

Kelly and Sara engagement
Kelly, how did you and Sara meet?
"In January 2014 we were both taking yoga classes as well as Hip-Hop Groove. We had both definitely “noticed” each other in the classes but had never talked before. In one of Steph’s yoga classes Sara went up to me and said, “do you normally go to hip hop class?” I replied, “yes, why?  Do you go to hip hop?.” I was trying to play it cool and pretend I hadn’t noticed her, even though I very much had noticed her. Later on that week I commented on how good at dancing she was in hip hop class, however we hadn’t been in another class together since the first time we spoke. Without saying another word, she knew I had noticed her."

What inspired you to take engagement photos in the Mind/Body Studio?
"This is where we met so it is very important to us. Yoga, fitness classes, and mindfulness/meditation has been something we have shared in our relationship. One of our favorite things to do together is yoga, however sometimes we start to giggle on the mats next to each other. I think Ann or Steph have gently reprimanded us a few times for this, but it's all in good fun. Since yoga is how we met, it seemed fitting to share part of our engagement photos at the DAHLC."

What are you most looking forward to as a married couple?
We look forward to supporting each other and growing spiritually. We are both people of faith and this is an area we look forward to growing more in when we are married. Also, we look forward to working out together more. When we get married and move in together, it will be easier to ride together and share our favorite classes.

Kelly ended with, "We both feel very blessed to have such an amazing workout and wellness facility at Mayo. We feel very fortunate that we met each other at the DAHLC. We hope the DAHLC continues to be a great place where people can form friendships, relationships and improve and maintain health."

Kelly and Sara will tie the knot on January 16, 2016. On behalf of the DAHLC, we are so happy you were able to find true friendship and love here!

Help us wish them all the best!

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Two amazing individuals I’m blessed to know and such a lovely story!


What a romantic story. It seems that these two wonderful people are MADE for each other! I’m so happy for you both, Sara and Kelly!

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