September 30, 2015

It’s All About Yoga!


DAHLC Anastasia Group Fitness Staff-9430

September is National Yoga Month, so we busted 5 myths about yoga, explored 10 common yoga poses and highlighted the various yoga classes the DAHLC offers. Anyone can incorporate yoga into their lifestyle and experience the numerous physical and mental benefits it provides as a result! Check out the links below to find out more!


 5 Common myths about yoga: 

  • Yoga is not a workout
  • Yoga is a religious practice
  • I'm not flexible enough for yoga
  • Only women do yoga
  • There is only one type of yoga

DAHLC Anna Yoga-0163

The downward facing dog (pictured above) is one of the more popular yoga poses.

DAHLC Yoga-2-7

We offer numerous classes to cater to all levels of yoga participants!

Thank you for celebrating National Yoga Month with the DAHLC! We hope you feel encouraged to try the different yoga classes and workshops and make it part of your healthy living routine. Namaste!


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