August 20, 2015

It’s all about that Core

By Chad - Your 5k-Marathon Run Coach

As I walk around the wellness center during the winter and spring months I hear members talking about working on core strength so that they can look good in their swimsuits next summer.  Well, now summer is coming to an end so what's going to motivate everyone to keep up with their core strength?Strengthen your core

I used to be the same way.  I would come to the gym and do strength training for my upper body and then head out for a 30-60 minute run.  By the time I was done, I had nothing left in me to strengthen my core (unless it was that time of year when I would prepare for summer).

Core strengthening has so many more benefits than just helping with toning for the summer.  Core strengthening helps with balance and stability which will help me with the sports I enjoy playing throughout the year.  Core strengthening helps with posture, reduces lower back pain, and helps to prevent injury in everyday activities.

The coStrengthen your corere is the center of your body and is more than just your abs.  It also includes your lower back and obliques.  It is important to strengthen with balance.  This means that when you do an ab exercise, you should include a lower back exercise for balance.

Are you ready to start incorporating core work into your weekly routine?  It's going to benefit you in more ways than just helping you look good in that swimsuit.  It's going to help you in everything you do each and every day, and hopefully that is enough motivation for everyone.

The best thing about core work is that it doesn't require any equipment and can be done at home.

1st Circuit:
Complete each exercise; modify to knees when necessary; for a challenge avoid coming down to knees at any point during this circuit:
circuit 1 watermark gray

2nd Circuit:
Complete each exercise once through and then repeat 1-2 additional times:
Chad circuit 2 gray watermark

Recommendation:  Avoid adding in progressions until proper foundational movement techniques are perfected.

Have Fun!

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I keep going for this even as my health is changing for a big problem. The most positive help is the trainer will help me where I am at and this is the best for me. Thank you.

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