July 30, 2015

Nutrition and Sleep

By Kate- Dietitian

The food we choose to eat and how we sleep are connected.  Making changes to what you eat and drink can improve your sleep and health.

What you eat may impact your sleNutrition & Sleep.ep:

  • Don’t go to bed either hungry or stuffed
  • Avoid caffeine and alcohol too close to bedtime
  • Night-time acid reflux?  Avoid foods and beverages that trigger heartburn, such as fatty and fried foods, chocolate, mint and garlic. Stop eating at least 3 hours before bed

How you sleep may impact on how you eat:

  • Reduced sleep may disrupt appetite hormones and promote greater food intake
  • Reduced sleep may decrease energy expenditure and cause body to store more fat
  • Adequate sleep helps regulate stress hormones, which affect blood pressure.
  • 7 to 8 hours of sleep and a low sodium diet may help treat as well as prevent high blood pressure



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