July 28, 2015

Are you ready to Run Faster?

By Chad - Your 5k-Marathon Run Coach

I never considered myself a runner, in fact I did not run until I got out of high school.  I enjoyed running, but I was too busy playing basketball, baseball, golf, and football as a kid.  After high school, I started to run as a way of staying in shape since team sports became more difficult to coordinate.  Shortly after I IMG_3133started running, I began to enjoy the "runners high" I had heard others talk about.  At first, I doubted this notion of a "runners high", since it always looked like runners are pain when they're running.  It is not pain, it is joy; at least for some runners.

It has been nearly 20 years since high school and up until 2 years ago, I realized I was doing it all wrong when it came to running.  Nearly every time I went out for a run, I was running the same distances, between 4 and 8 miles and almost always running at the same speed.  Even when I trained for my first half marathon I would just go out and focus on miles each week instead of focusing on quality runs.  My competitive side kicked in and I decided it was time for me to get faster.

Speed running was the key.  I've since learned that speed running is one of the most important pieces to IMG_3158any running program.  Speed runs can keep you from getting bored because you can do something different each week.  I might run 8 x 400's this week and then do a 3 x 1600 next week.  I'm running shorter distances at a time but running them at a speed much faster than when I just go out for a continuous run for distance.  Speed runs have many benefits, including a higher calorie burn and improvement in your VO2 max  (the amount of oxygen you produce during a workout).  The main thing I wanted was to become much faster with my running times.  I can thank these runs for improving those times.

If you just enjoy running and would like to connect with other runners then check out Mayo Clinic - DAHLC Run Club on Facebook.

If you would just like to try out one of my favorite speed runs, give this one a try:

1. Start off running at a warm-up pace for 2-4 minutes

2. Run 5 sets of 800 meters (1/2 mile) - aim for running 10 seconds faster than your 5k pace.

3. After each set slow down your speed for 90-120 seconds but keep your legs moving

4. After you finish your last set run at a cool-down pace for 2-4 minutes

Happy Speed Running everyone.

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