June 11, 2015

Is your core ready for summer?

By Desiree Ahrens

tulip flowers

The smells of dirt, freshly cut grass, sweat, and smoke from a pipe remind me of softball. The dirt, grass, and sweat for obvious reasons. The pipe because I had a teammate whose dad always had a pipe. It’s funny the things that bring us right back to former times in our life. I can still feel the effortless swing of the bat my body somehow knew how to do without much thought from me. Although it always felt great to start back up at the beginning of the season, I remember my abdominal muscles would feel very sore for the first few practices. That twisting movement is something we tend to forget when working out in the winter months. If you are getting back into a sport for the summer (softball, baseball, golf), then make sure your core is ready to handle the movements required. Check out these videos on some great core exercises in the rotational movements:

kneeling cable chops

Low to High Chops

Medicine Ball Russian twists

Another way to ensure you are training the muscles you need is to join a small group training session. These are free 6 week sessions with strength training as a focus. Your Health and Wellness Coach will plan a workout specifically for you and your particular needs while making sure you train all the important movements.  Looking for additional workouts to try?  Click here to explore DAHLC trainer developed workouts for you.  Have a great summer!

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