May 15, 2015

Moving During My Pregnancy & Adjusting Workouts

By Ashlie Smith

Essential Yoga Experience
In addition to some other classes I have been trying, I decided to attend a Saturday morning Essential Yoga class, instructed by Julie. While I thrive in the cardio, strength and high-intensityDAHLC yoga class-9748 interval workout classes, yoga and Pilates have not been part of my exercise repertoire. I realize, however, the importance of mind-body connection and the power of being flexible, adaptable and aware. Attending the Essential Yoga class, I was able to ease into many of the basic yoga moves without feeling overwhelmed or discouraged with my lack of experience. I felt confident performing all the moves and was positively challenged with a couple of them. The environment was calming and serene, and it seemed as though all the participants were very content exercising at their own intensities and levels. This added to my confidence and my self-awareness, as I became more in-tune with what my body was doing as opposed to what anyone else was doing around me. Now that I have participated in this yoga class, I am excited to not only attend again but to try some of the other yoga and Pilates classes.

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