March 5, 2015

Do it yourself Cable Workout!

By Chad - Your 5k-Marathon Run Coach

CableWorkoutHave you ever come to the DAHLC with a friend or co-worker just to take a Cable Express class over the lunch hour?  You set the time on your calendar at work days in advance.  You rush over here knowing you have to get here early to get a spot in the Training Studio so that you and your friend/co-worker can take this great class together.  As you get to the DAHLC, you swipe your card and soon after speed past the Training Studio and you notice people are already starting to line up.  Your heart starts racing as you run into the locker room to get yourself ready as fast as you can.  You go so fast that you decide to not even tie your shoes.  As you run out of the locker room you notice the Training Studio shutting.  You hustle to the room and there it is, “CLASS IS FULL” sign outside the studio.  Now what?  You looked forward to this class with your friend/co-worker for nearly a week, planned it all out perfectly, but just missed getting two of the ten spots in class.  Do you have a plan B?

What if you could take a Cable Express workout with you to the gym just in case the class was full?  Well, here it is.  Print this work out and put it in your gym bag so that next time you just miss out on a Cable class whether it’s during the lunch hour, early morning, or during the evening you’re ready to go.  If you like the music during class then don’t forget your own music to pump yourself up.

Note: Click image to enlarge.

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Chad, You described me. This is so helpful. Thanks for posting this!

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