March 1, 2015

Got Cabin Fever? Get Cooking

By Margaret Gall

CollaugeWondering if anyone else is experiencing cabin fever? I tend to catch it mid-February; and by the end of March, thankfully, I am feeling better!  I know I am coming down with the “fever” when I notice a tendency to sleep more – which, frankly, could be boredom, since I really do want to go outside but an inner voice is saying, “stay inside where it is nice and warm!”

So what to do when house-bound during a long Minnesota winter?  Well, I have been trying to put into practice tips that, as a dietitian, I share in various DAHLC nutrition/culinary offerings. One such tip is to take time to organize your kitchen. So on a frigid weekend day, I took time to thoroughly clean the refrigerator. Next, I tackled the drawer with the storage containers – tossing out several plastic containers with no matching lids. I ended the day by taking inventory of staple foods, those foods that I want readily available for simple meals! Although the list of staple foods varies per household, common ones are: 1) packaged whole grains such as quinoa, brown rice, whole wheat pasta;  2) canned beans, tomatoes, and chicken, beef, or vegetable stock – look for lower  sodium brands; 3) dried fruit or canned fruit without sugar or syrups; 4) nuts and canned tuna  provide quick  protein sources (and other nutrients);  and  5) don’t forget the  freezer staples – frozen fruits and vegetables make for quick healthy meals and/or snacks.

Now, with a more organized kitchen, beat the winter blahs by cooking a hearty, healthy meal. How about a chili, soup or an Irish dish for the month of March? Need some ideas for getting started?  Access healthy recipes at  and check out the March culinary/nutrition offerings, including the new Get Cooking classes:

GET COOKING: A hands-on cooking class held in DAHLC's demonstration kitchen.  A different topic/technique will be discussed in each class:

    • Party Foods!  March 5; 5:15-7:15pm
    • Great Grains!  March 12; 5:15-7:15pm
    • Fabulous Fruit!  April 20; 11am-1pm
    • Brunch!  April 27; 11am-1pm

Overcome cabin fever by eating well!

Margaret Gall, RDN, LD

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