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February 2nd, 2015

I don’t have time to eat healthy!

By Kate- Dietitian

DAHLC-8753If there is one thing we might all wish for, time is likely near the top of our list.  Time scarcity, the feeling of never having enough time, is something we feel at some point in our week, month, or year.  This barrier, lack of time, gets in the way of eating well too.  As we squeeze in more work and social obligations, we often slide past the drive through, vending machine, or maybe even a meal out as we cruise from place to place.  We eat fast, we eat distracted, and we eat too much.  This leads to less enjoyment of our food, too many calories, and often not enough key nutrients.

We may not ever feel like there is enough time.  However, being better fueled as we move through our hectic lives can make feel energized and sleep better. Take time to save time and your health in the long run with these tips:

  • Take the time to plan - Give yourself 10-20 minutes once a week to take inventory of your kitchen, write your grocery list, and review your weekly calendar.
  • Take time to cook - Find a day in your week when you have time to do some prep – chopping, cooking, etc. so you can easily add these foods to create a meal. Batch cook.  Eat leftovers or reuse in a creative way.
  • Take time to meal plan - It can be on the spot or days ahead. Keep it simple (throw away notions that the food must pair well or otherwise – if it is nutritious, it works)!  Fill your plate accordingly:  Divide your plate in ½.  Fill one side with vegetables, fruit, or a combination of both.  The other side, divide again.  In one quarter, add your favorite grain or starchy food.  In the final quarter, choose a protein rich food such as fish, beans, lentils, or lean meat.
  • Take time to pack it - carry nutritious foods in our work or gym bag to add to a purchased meal or eat as a snack.

Take a moment.  You, your diet, and your health are worth it,


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Posted by @francesj, Feb 2, 2015

I love the option to purchase fresh fruits and veggies at the DAHLC cafe. I would love it even more if the cafe had their own masticating juicer. I would enjoy the opportunity to purchase produce from the cafe, and then have it juiced for me right on the spot so I can take a healthy juice drink on the go as a meal replacement, or just to supplement my diet. Juicing is becoming a popular way to get the extra vitamins and minerals into your diet, and I would pay for this option if it was offered. It’s great to utilize the helpful tips above, but let’s face it-the best intentions of doing those things don’t always work out, and a healthy juice alternative would be awesome!

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Kate- Dietitian

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Posted by @zeratskykatherine, Feb 5, 2015

Dear Frances,
Thank you for your idea. I’ve shared your request with our nutrition team. It will be brought to a meeting that oversees all nutrition options on our Rochester campus. Kind regards, Kate


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Posted by @francesj, Feb 6, 2015

Good morning, Kate. I got your reply to my comment, and wanted to say thank you! It’s a great feeling to know our suggestions are being discussed and considered.

Have a great weekend,

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