January 29, 2015

gymTIMIDation – it happens

By Nicole - Coach


We’ve heard the radio ads.  We’ve watched the television commercials. We’ve seen the magazine photos.  Being a member of a gym is trendy, cool, and makes us healthier and sexier . . . right?

What about ‘going to a gym’ could possibly be intimidating . . . RIGHT?

I mean, aside from the super-fit people, the super-fast people, the super-bendy yogi people, and the super-loud-grunty-weight-lifting people . . . too much wide open space, not enough space, not understanding how to use equipment, not remembering where equipment is, forgetting what the dress code includes, remembering (or forgetting) a locker combination, all the people in class who ‘already know what to do’, remembering when to breathe during exercise(s) . . .

Whoa. Thinking about going just makes me want to plop down on the couch for another episode of [favorite TV show] or read the exciting new book I just started.

But wait a second –

  • If I am spending a few dollars a month on a wellness center membership and want to improve my bone density, flexibility, and strength, maintain my weight, and maybe meet some friendly new people, maybe I could try the gym again today.
  • Remember, I am going to maintain and improve my health, not because I am already in perfect health.
  • Plus, there are private areas to change clothes or I could show up already wearing my workout clothes.
  • I can bring my book to read while I cycle. Or I could watch my show on a piece of cardio equipment.
  • And what did that wellness coach tell me during my free consult? Oh yeah, that the trainers and group fitness instructors are helpful and will explain and modify exercises during sessions or classes.
  • And the front desk personnel will help me if I forget my locker combination. And someone on floor coverage can help me if I don’t remember how to use a piece of equipment.
  • And that most other people are more concerned with their own appearance at the gym to worry about mine.
  • And I could definitely use a hydromassage!

Hmm. All of the benefits of ‘going to the gym’ seem to be great reasons to make my way to the wellness center for some self-care. First, I’ll call [workout buddy name] and see if he/she would like to meet me there for some accountability.

Yeah. No reason to be timid or intimidated. I can do this.  I will do this.  If I have questions, I can ask.

Here what a member has to say by clicking here!

Here I come, gym - be ready! flyer photo 1

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