January 20, 2015

Thoughts of Home

By Caleigh - Coach

HomeWe have all heard the saying that home is a feeling and not a place. After moving from Ohio to Minnesota, home for me is going to Target Field when the Cleveland Indians are in town to play the Twins. Home is sitting by one of Minnesota’s Lakes; as I grew up on a small island in Lake Erie. Home is talking to my family via Facetime or Skype.

When we’re faced with a situation that takes us out of our comfort zone, we seek out any sense of normalcy. For me, moving 12 hours from my friends and family had me searching for anything that felt familiar. Think of your past day or week. How many times did you feel out of your comfort zone? What was your reaction during these times? It’s inevitable in life that we will always be faced with situations that leave us feeling that things are not quite aligned. Recognize these feelings. Think about what brings you a sense of normalcy or helps diffuse these sometimes anxious thoughts and feelings. Making yourself a priority during these times is crucial. To give the most to others, we have to give enough to ourselves. We need to find the spot where we’re able to thrive and not just survive.


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