January 8, 2015

Is it just me or has the gym become much busier lately?

By Chad - Your 5k-Marathon Run Coach

StonesIt's January!

I have to get to the gym earlier to line up for a class.  The parking lot is always full now.  Getting on my favorite piece of equipment has never been an issue until now.

Where did all of these people come from?  I don't like the month of January at the gym.

Did you know that fewer than 10% of New Years resolutions are kept for the entire year.  In fact, most are toast by Valentine's Day.  This year can be different, and avoiding these classic resolution mistakes will give you a fighting chance.

Don't set yourself up for failure.  Here's what NOT to do when making resolutions:

1Indoor Adventure. Set Unrealistic Goals - We start off thinking we're going to make it to the gym 5 days a week for the entire year or that we are going to just give up chocolate for the entire year.  Big, bold, sweeping resolutions set us up for failure.  Be realistic about your life and articulate goals that you can live with and achieve.  For example, setting a goal to get the gym 2 days a week or limiting chocolate to only once a week may be much more realistic.  You can always go above and beyond your goal(s) but coming up short on your goal week after week can really affect your confidence.

2. Pledge to change in a vague way - Now that you've got a realistic goal or two, create a specific detailed action plan.  Rather than saying you're going to run more this year, say that you will run 1,000 miles during 2015.  (Yes, that's my goal for the year)

3. Don't bother tracking your progress - Not doing something (like exercise or eating) is far more difficult than doing something.  We do better when we can take action.  Therefore, activate your goals by writing them down or using other tools to track your progress.  For example, I put a tracking sheet on my refrigerator at home to track my running miles so that not only I see it but the whole family sees it.

4. Focus on the negative - Don't shame or label yourself in a negative way.  Shaming and negativity backfire by inspiring self doubt and guilt, which sabotages the resolve necessary to implement your plan.  Its important to give yourself a break, its not likely to be successful every week.  Take each slip-up as a learning experience instead of beating yourself up.

5. Expose yourself to temptation - if your downfall is working too much during certain seasons, put exercise on your calendar even if its for a shorter time.  Every little bit counts.  If your downfall is watching late night television, record those favorite shows and watch them during a time when they don't affect your bed time.  Or if your downfall is the food at social gatherings, bring a vegetable tray to pass and plan your eating ahead of time.

Good luck on your New Years resolutions.  This is your year to be in that 10%.

P.S. Don't be afraid to hold me (Chad) accountable to my running goal!


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