January 5, 2015

Are lockers available to store my items in?


Yes, the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center provides lockers to use during your workouts at the center.  Items may remain in the locker for up to 3 hours a day.

Downtown Location:

IMG_5207Self-serve lockers are provided for your use.  Choose and open locker and enter a code of your choosing to lock the locker.  Use that same code to unlock the locker.

  1. Hit the "C" button to clear the lock. This is the lower left-hand button.
  2. Enter 4 digits of your choosing.
  3. Hit the key symbol to lock. This is the lower right-hand button.
  4. Follow the same sequence to unlock.

Having troubles with your locker? A phone is placed near the entrance of the locker room for locker assistance.

SMH-Generose Location:

Lockers are available for your use. You will need to bring in a padlock to lock your items during your workout. Items are not to be kept in the lockers for longer than 3 hours at a time.

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