November 6, 2014

Gratitude is more than ‘Thank You’

By Nicole - Coach

“Gratitude is more than just saying thank you. It is a sense of wonder, appreciation, and thankfulness for life.” 

As we approach Thanksgiving, be encouraged to consider this wellness challenge: Put more effort toward sincere gratefulness throughout the month and focus less attention on seasonal stressors, busyness, and unnecessary drama.

Unnecessary drama . . .wait . . . does this mean I do not need to invite [Nicole] to the family party? Could I skip preparing the traditional foods and make something more simple? Perhaps. You decide what works best for you and yours. However, if not inviting a particular person or skipping a particular dish are not realistic, maybe modifying your perspective could be beneficial.  How could you view the circumstances in a different way?

  • Does [Nicole] offer humor to the gala or encourage everyone to be physically active after the big meal?
  • In what ways could you simplify preparations while continuing with traditions?
  • Do the seasonal stressors offer you the opportunity to visit with some people or places you have not seen in a while?
  • How can the ‘busyness’ be managed in a way that includes some of your favorite self-care activities?

Breathe, be aware of the good, and smile.


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