October 11, 2014


By Nicole - Coach

StonesWhat are three words you think of when you read the word, ‘inspire’?  Do any images or people come to mind?  Do you take a quick or deep breath in?

The word INSPIRE could be used as a verb in two ways: 1) to fill [someone] with the urge or ability to do or feeling something, or 2) to inhale or breathe in.  Either meaning could promote the concept of being filled up - with joy, excitement, passion, or vital nutrients from the air.

Today, let us consider inspiration from the perspective of motivation.  From where, what, or whom do you draw inspiration? Sometimes checking in with a coach, mentor, or trainer on a consistent basis can help provide encouragement, reflection, and redirection.  How are you using the resources available to you?

As well, be encouraged to take the time to be an inspiration for someone else.  Wise words from Bill Gates:   “As we look ahead . . . leaders will be those who empower others.”

Who or what do you hope to inspire?

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