September 4, 2015

What TO do during pregnancy

By Desiree Ahrens

I know we hear a lot about what NOT to do during pregnancy-what not to eat, how not to sleep, how not to sit, what not to drink, etc. Arg! Where does it end!? What’s a pregnant mama to do? Well, there are things you CAN do in pregnancy! First, you can trust your body and yourself. Second, yDAHLC-1417ou can exercise.

If you are currently in an exercise program, you can continue doing what you are doing. As baby grows, listen to your body and adjust as needed. Some days you will feel great while others you may feel pretty gross. Trust yourself. It’s okay to take a break, too!

Now is the time to start training for the biggest event of your life-birthing a baby! Think about it -  wouldn’t it be nice to have a good strength base and cardio base as your baby gets bigger? You will be much more able to adjust to the needs of your growing baby and this new phase of your body. It is a pretty amazing thing, the human body.

Exercise has shown to help all aspects of pregnancy and help your amazing body recover more quickly after baby is here. Plus, there is something so totally satisfying and confidence-boosting about lifting free weights with a big pregnant belly. Talk about a hot mama!

Drop in to any fitness class and let the instructor know you are pregnant. All DAHLC instructors are wonderful at giving modifications for moms-to-be. Alas, I will tell you just a few things not to do during pregnancy (see below), but for the most part-keep on moving mama!

Contraindicated Activities for Pregnant Women (Source: Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise Design by Gwen Hyatt and Catherine Cram

Relative                                                                              Absolute
Downhill skiing                                                                Scuba diving
High-altitude sports                                                      Water-skiing
Horseback riding

You can also try this quick workout to strengthen that upper back and stretch the chest. This will also come in handy after baby comes and you find yourself hunched over all day cuddling your cute little one. Have fun!

Reverse Fly: DAHLC Pregnancy-2383 DAHLC Pregnancy-2377

Cable Chest Press:    DAHLC Pregnancy-2426 DAHLC Pregnancy-2421

Cable Row: DAHLC Pregnancy-2428 DAHLC Pregnancy-2431

Chest Stretch: DAHLC Pregnancy-2411DAHLC Pregnancy-2412

Child's Pose: DAHLC Pregnancy-2237

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