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Jan 3, 2018 ·

I had to leave a comment on this. In the past six months I have entered the womens showers and have noticed members leaving their towels hanging in the stalls, their wash clothes wrung out and on the shelf in the stalls, their towels left on the floor. Talk about disrespectful behavior ladies. You are making me -as the next person to use the shower- clean up after you. Do I want to touch your towels? It’s not my job to clean up after you and its really not the custodial staffs job to pick up your used towels from the floor outside of the stalls, or the floors in front of the lockers. Please have some respect and put your towels where they belong, in the receptacles as you walk out of the locker room marked Towels…..Can’t miss them. Thanks!

Jan 4, 2017 · Member Success: Charis Johnson

Way to go Charis!!! Super proud of you!