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Tue, Dec 4 2:49pm · Elaine

Health and wellness has always been a passion of mine and I love being able to help people discover that same passion. There’s something so powerful and fun when a group of people get together to exercise. Every time I leave a class I feel so refreshed and energized and I want everyone attending to feel the same!

Make sure you come say hi after class, I love meeting new people!

Outside of work you’ll most likely find me dancing to Ariana Grande, hugging my two little kitties and attempting to cook/bake…although most of the time things don’t turn out how I expect…haha.

‘A respected body is the key to a healthy life’

Thu, Nov 29 9:21am · Member Appreciation Day

To show our appreciation for our members, we are having a free guest day on Thursday, December 13! Members can bring a loved one, friend or colleague to use the facility with them for free (must be 16 years & older). Guests can participate in group fitness classes, use the equipment, pools, and locker rooms. We look forward to seeing you & your guest on the 13th for Member Appreciation Day!

Wed, Nov 21 4:33pm ·

With rotating schedules and inconsistent workout times, it makes it difficult to get to the gym…
We understand. We listened. And we introduce to you our new ongoing offering: EX4

A progressive group training that allows for flexible scheduling and multi-week sessions.


How to get started: Register at the front desk for a 30-minute group training consult to discuss training options for you. Join at any time! Sessions start Jan 7.

When: Classes will be available Monday – Friday.

Cost: varies
Single session: $5
5 class package: $25
10 class package: $47.50
15 class package: $67.50
20 class package: $85.00

Mon, Nov 19 12:00am · On the first day of fitness, my trainer gave to me...

This 12 Days of Fitness challenge is designed to encourage exercise maintenance during the holiday season while providing participants additional training programs. Each day participants will receive a new workout to complete via email. Workouts will be completed independently and on your own time.

Registration period: Nov 19-Dec 2
Program details: December 3-18
Fee: Free
Direct questions to:


Tue, Nov 13 11:38am · Cranberries  - good for you and for making silly faces

Cranberries are in season! These small, round, bright red berries are bursting with… sour.  Yes, sour.  Let’s have more fun with the taste description and call it “wrinkle your nose tartness”.  Most commonly found in a sauce, dried, or as juice, cranberries’ sour taste is balanced with the sweetness of added sugar or other juices.  But you need not add any sugar to enjoy these berries – or you can certainly add less.

These sour berries – fresh or dried, pair well with savory flavors like chicken or turkey.  They will liven up wild rice or other grain pilafs and salads. Ease into the tartness by adding a few to your dishes. Then don’t worry about how many you add (unless you are on blood thinners) as there is only 25 calories in a ½ cup of fresh cranberries.

Cranberries, like many berries, are a good source fiber and vitamin C, an anti-oxidant.  Additionally, the phytonutrients in cranberries may be anti-inflammatory. All may prove beneficial for better circulation, a healthy heart, and in cancer prevention.

Want to learn more about how to select, store, and enjoy fresh cranberries? Join us in the DAHLC demo kitchen this month where we will be making silly faces as we wrinkle our noses exploring these tart berries.

Mon, Nov 5 12:02pm · DAHLC Facility Parking

Downtown DAHLC Parking 

Designated member parking is available in classified spaces during operating hours: Lot 26, Lot 30 and West Employee Ramp 9. Parking is available for two-hours per day for members during their use of the Center at Lots 26 and Ramp 9, and three-hour parking is available at Lot 30. Note: Parking in more than one member designated parking space in the same day is prohibited and doing so may result in the vehicle being immobilized.

Covered Parking: available on the street level of the West Employee Ramp 9 (Fifth Avenue N.W. entrance) in designated spaces.

*Recent changes were made to the 1st floor DAHLC member parking area in Ramp 9 (ramp directly across street from us). To comply with legal requirements, approximately 12 DAHLC parking spaces were converted to employee handicap parking spaces on the west side of the reserved DAHLC member parking area.

That being said, we have added 12 DAHLC parking spaces up the initial incline to the first floor (10 spaces) and the first two spaces on the south wall closest to the stairwell ensuring no parking spaces were eliminated. These new spaces are clearly marked with “DAHLC Parking” signage.

Handicap Parking: located on the first floor of the West Employee Ramp 9 area; two-hour limit applies.

Bike racks: The Center offers bike racks for members who wish to bike-in for a workout. Weather permitting, racks are located in Lot 26 (Sixth Avenue). Just like parking spots, the racks are only to be utilized by members, and only for two hours per day. Members do not need to display a parking tag on their bike. All-day bicycle parking is available in the Ozmun East ramp and Employee West ramp.

Generose DAHLC Parking

East Employee Ramp: DAHLC members can park in Ramp 34 from 3:30 pm through 4:30 am, Monday- Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday or Holidays.

Bike racks: DAHLC also offers bike racks for members who wish to bike-in for a workout. Bicycle parking is available in the Generose Ramp.

Parking Violations

Parking violations include, but are not limited to:


  • Parking without a tag
  • Tag not visible from driving lane
  • Exceeding posted time limit
  • Switching parking lots from one to another in the same day
  • Displaying a lost/stolen tag
  • Vehicle not centered in parking space
  • Utilizing parking while not using the Center
  • Parking in reserved spaces in DAHLC parking areas (i.e. instructor parking/massage therapy parking)
  • Parking in non-designated parking lots (i.e. St. John’s Catholic School parking lot)

Those in violation of Mayo Clinic parking policies will have their vehicle immobilized at the owner’s expense. See Parking Citations for more details.

Tue, Oct 16 12:00am · Halloween Zumba Party!

It’s BACK by popular demand! Join the Zumba instructors for a fun-filled evening of Halloween music and dancing! Costumes are encouraged, however, please adhere to the dress guidelines. Only 50 spaces are available–registration is required.

Registration period: TBA
Class date: TBA
Cost: $5
Direct questions to:

Register online, at the front desk or call 507-266-4688. We can’t wait to host a spookin’ good time!

Thu, Oct 4 3:57pm · Nutrition - Sweet Potatoes

If you’re like me you may have wondered: “What really is the difference between a sweet potato and a yam?”

To clear up the confusion we need to go back to the early 1900’s when sweet potato growers needed a term to differentiate the orange fleshed sweet potato from white fleshed varieties. Thus, the term yam began to be associated with the orange fleshed variety despite them truly being nothing like a yam.

Yams are native to Africa and have rough, brown bark-like exteriors with a starchy, dry and typically white flesh. Sweet potatoes on the other hand can have a variety of exterior and flesh colors though we most comely see them with orange or white colored flesh. Furthermore, it’s the flesh part that we have come to love for its sweet and moist.  Anything labeled as a “yam” that is truly not a yam should be accompanied by the words “sweet potato” in our markets. However, this does not always happen with labeling and thus the confusion lives on.

So now that we have cleared up that your ‘candied yam’ holiday dish is most likely made with sweet potatoes… let’s talk about other ways to enjoy sweet potatoes:


  • Swap sweet potatoes for regular white potatoes in your favorite potato salad recipe.
  • Top a green salad with diced sweet potatoes or combine into a warp.
  • Steam peeled sweet potato chunks and make into a sweet potato mash.
  • Cut them into wedges or strips, drizzle with olive oil and bake them into sweet potato fries. For flavor sprinkle with cayenne pepper or garlic powder or paprika.

Don’t forget to join us in the kitchen this month for other ways to enjoy sweet potatoes.

In health,