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Sep 6, 2017 · Member Rig Workout

Hi! You have several options. 1) You may sign up for a small group training by scheduling a “group training placement consultation” through the front desk. These are 6 week sessions. 2) If there is a movement in particular that you are hoping to learn, then stop by the fitness desk when there is a Health and Wellness Coach on floor coverage (our sign will be up with our picture). 3) We also have 1 hour Basics sessions about cardio, suspension training, free weights, and much more. These are 1 time sessions offered throughout the week. 4) Sign up for an “exercise prescription” through the front desk. There is a fee for this personalized 1:1 attention.

Mar 30, 2017 · Member Rig Workout

Have you tried the Member Rig area? If you haven’t, this workout by Desiree will introduce you to the equipment in the area. Begin the workout with a 5-minute dynamic warm up, then perform 3 sets of 10 repetitions for each move. After that, complete the Woodway & Battling Ropes section. End with a 5-minute cool down and stretch.

*Please be mindful that the Member Rig is a no drop zone as the relaxation suite and the Mind/Body studio are below.*

For more workouts, click here.

Sep 21, 2016 · "Feel good" during pregnancy

dahlc-1403“I didn’t know I could run while pregnant!” one of the pregnancy program participants exclaimed as we completed a lap around the track during prenatal training. “Yes! You sure can!” I encouraged her, “as long as you are feeling good then keep doing what you are doing.”

It begs the question of what does “feeling good” mean? Well, it can mean different things for everyone. Some moms-to-be “feel good” right through their due date while others do not “feel good” before they even know they are pregnant. The data shows that running is perfectly fine during pregnancy as long as you are not under any restrictions. However, it is up to each person to determine when they “feel good.”

Registration for pregnancy program opens on Monday, September 26 at 5:30pm. Register through the front desk or call 266-4688 to reserve your spot for this 10 week program. Every Monday will include an educational hour and a prenatal training beginning October 10. We bring in expert speakers to discuss a range of topics from nutrition to pelvic floor. We also have prenatal trainings and pool trainings available without the educational component. To register for training only, email me at

I look forward to the start of another pregnancy program! To hear about my personal story with prenatal training, see my blog post here. Already had baby? Learn about out postnatal offerings here.

See you soon!



Jun 9, 2016 · What if we just didn't know?

We have information-overload today. Instant access to information is at our fingertips, whether it is valid or not. If we have a question, we google it immediately. Fortunately for my sanity during my first pregnancy I did not have a smart phone. It was still hard to sort through the noise to figure out what rang true to me and my family.

“What if we just didn’t know?”

This is a favorite quote of mine from the movie While We’re Young. In it, the middle-aged parents-to-be are obsessed with their smart phones and looking up information. Ironically, the young, millennial, couple pose this question. The middle-aged couple is caught off guard and is not sure how to react. The young man argues that maybe they should just converse about the topic and think about it instead of jumping to “find” the answer with instant technology.

What if we didn’t know the answer immediately?

What if, in pregnancy, we just trust ourselves to make the right choice and act appropriately when and IF the time comes?

We tell parents-to-be how a new child will “change your life”. We try to prepare them for this change which is truly impossible to prepare for.

Can the best way for you to prepare be simply to trust yourself?

At the DAHLC Pregnancy Program, we focus on two aspects of prenatal care: exercise and education. The Mayo Clinic professionals who speak at the educational sessions give you direct, research-based information for you to make the right decisions for you and your family. We recognize that every person is different and every pregnancy is different. We build connections between moms-to-be while empowering each mom to feel confident in trusting herself.

Registration opens for the DAHLC Pregnancy Program on June 9th at 7am. This 10 week session includes an educational session and a prenatal small group training session each week. Pregnant women are allowed to join at any stage of pregnancy.


May 10, 2016 · You fed them how much!?

Pumping sucks. Literally.

As a mom returning to work, it really sucks.

Not only are you away from your baby, but this pump is supposed to trigger your hormones to make milk for your baby. Not sure about some of the new pumps on the market, but mine looked nothing like my baby!

Plus, I was usually trying to squeeze (pun intended) in some pumping in between clients at work. At the time, my husband and I owned a business in Minneapolis. I was lucky enough to have an office to pump in as I realize most women do not. And even then it was hard to find the time. Since time is of the essence in breast pumping, the more efficient you are at pumping, the better.

When my now 6 year-old twin boys were 2 months old, I returned to work. We were very fortunate to have lots of help by all the grandmothers to watch Declan and Jens while I was at work. I recall one evening when I returned home to my family. I was very proud of the milk I had pumped at work that day. But when I asked how much they ate that day, I was shocked! I had nowhere near enough milk to compensate for what they ate during the day.


I realized I needed to learn how to pump more efficiently. I also found some information for helpers on how to feed a bottle to breastfed babies to make them work for it a little bit, just like they do when they breastfeed. If you would like to hear more about these strategies that can help your return to work, come to one of the breastfeeding Q & A sessions offered every 4th Tuesday of the month to speak with a board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). To register, email me directly at The sessions are 30 minute private sessions (can bring partner if desired) and are brought to you as part of the Health Information Screenings at the DAHLC.

May 3, 2016 · Compassionate Moms

My kiddos and me (left) with my dear friends and their little humans. None of us live in Mpls anymore but we will always be connected!

Did you have them naturally? Do twins run in your family? Did you use fertility drugs? Are you going back to work? Did you get an epidural? Are you sending them to childcare? I can’t believe you are breastfeeding!?

You would think these would be questions close friends and family would ask, but no. They were usually asked by complete strangers. Not just once a day, but several times in one outing. I would answer truthfully. Then I would feel like a horrible mom (and person) if it wasn’t the “right” answer.

While people probably meant well, questions like these felt insensitive after hearing them over and over! Would my answers to any of these questions change the fact that I had two beautiful little babies?

Many new moms are asked similar questions of their birth experiences. When birth plan expectations do not occur as envisioned, it can be very traumatic to discuss with complete strangers. I was very fortunate to find a wonderful core support group of moms to share my worries, frustrations, wins, and challenges. I will always consider them very dear friends no matter where life takes us and our families.

Compassionate and understanding support: These are some of the reasons Tiffany and I started the Mission Motherhood: Connect and Rebuild program at the DAHLC. We wanted to provide a community of support for new moms versus the critical judgment new moms can feel from strangers or other moms as they learn how to take care of their little humans.

I invite you to check out our Mission Motherhood: Connect and Rebuild Program at the DAHLC to socialize with other moms in a trusting environment and also to engage in gentle exercises focusing on the core and pelvic floor. Babies are always welcome at these 6 week sessions. Come share your stories with us in an encouraging and fun small group setting!

Mar 9, 2016 · I GUESS you can keep exercising...a personal tale of prenatal exercise


I rode my bicycle to my first prenatal appointment. I had competed in triathlons for the 4 years prior, so riding my bike was very natural. At the appointment, one of the health care providers hinted that I probably should stop riding my bike. Now that I was pregnant, I wouldn’t want to do anything that could compromise the pregnancy.

This unsolicited advice not only scared me but stressed me out!

In addition to riding my bike for multiple hours for triathlon training, I also rode my bike for transportation. How was I going to get to work, the gym, out to eat, anywhere for the next 9 months?

All of a sudden I was afraid and worried.

Despite the above comment, my midwife (not the health care provider mentioned above) encouraged me to continue exercising, just not at the same pace I was used to.

I still felt it was in an attitude of “well….IF you are ALREADY exercising, then I GUESS you can continue…”

This made it feel like I was putting baby at harm by doing any movement. I decided to quit riding my bike, stick to jog/walking and swimming. I was hyper-aware of every single feeling inside of me while I attempted to go about my normal routine. In the final trimester, putting my suit on at the pool became a challenge to say the least. But I coveted the weightless feeling I had while in the pool. It was well worth the effort and the concerned looks from other women in the locker room.

With my second pregnancy less than 2 years later, I was much more aware and confident of what I could and couldn’t do with exercise. I ran one of the longer legs of the Ragnar Relay (about a marathon in the span of 36 hours) in the 2nd month. It wasn’t my fastest run ever but very empowering to share that experience with my baby.

During this pregnancy, I proudly went to the gym 4 times a week. I ran on the treadmill and lifted free weights.

Still, I was the ONLY pregnant woman I ever saw in the gym.

I certainly got some looks as baby grew larger in my belly while I performed incline presses, dumbbell rows, and squats, not to mention sprints on the treadmill. The self-confidence I gained from lifting free weights with a big old belly was priceless.25345_10150149997315570_1310751_n

My two stories of exercising while pregnant seem that they could have been written years ago. However, my last pregnancy was only 4 years ago! Thankfully, the attitude towards pregnant mothers exercising is much more supportive today, especially at the DAHLC. Not only is exercise considered safe, but it’s encouraged.

It’s not only OKAY to exercise during pregnancy, it is actually RECOMMENDED because of the many health benefits.

If you are unsure of how to sift through all the information out there and all the off-handed comments you will undoubtedly get while pregnant, let us slim the information down for you. The DAHLC’s pregnancy program offers 1 night a week of educational topics featuring various Mayo Clinic expert speakers and 1 day a week of strength training. You will learn about all the wonderful things you CAN do during pregnancy and be able to connect with other moms-to-be. Can’t wait to see you in April!

*Top left: Me pictured with my son when I was 2 months pregnant and had just finished the Ragnar Relay.

*At right: Me pictured exercising while 5 months pregnant with twins.

Dec 22, 2015 · 20-minute Jump Rope Workout

As the first snowflakes of the season appear in Rochester, I replace the kids’ shovels, buckets, and soccer balls with sleds.  It is time to acknowledge that winter is coming and this will unfortunately NOT be the first winter with no snow and warm weather (a girl can dream, right)?

We are making the shift to indoor activities and ultimately, indoor movement. However, before you pack away the kids’ jump rope with the summer toys, you may want to consider this jump rope workout. This jumping circuit is an efficient way to keep up with your workouts while juggling commitments or travelling this season. (Jump rope not needed if you’d like to just replicate the motion.)

Start with a 5-10 minute dynamic warm-up. We suggest 10 moves of each: knee hug; toy soldier; squat; alternating front lunge + rotation; seal jacks; cross country ski; high knees; and hand walk

Then, continue with this circuit of 10 moves and repeat two times with a 30 sec rest in between.


Finish with the jump rope for this cardio burst one time through and then it is time for a cool down.
cardio jump2

Cool down: start with a march in place until your heart rate decreases and then stretch for 5 minutes.

Keep reading our blog for more workouts!