Our Series options meet 2 to 5 times so the commitment isn't as much as other wellness programs and offerings. If you have a busy or unpredictable schedule, series and workshops are a great option for you. All Series options are $10. Registration opens 2 weeks prior to its start date and time. 

MOTIVATION PUZZLE: Making and sustaining positive change takes more than willpower. This five-part series introduces several motivation theories and helps you identify just what it is that motivates you. Learn what gets in the way of your progress and how to maintain momentum with change.

  • Registration period: Oct 3 - 16
  • Meets: Tuesdays, Oct 17 - Nov 14 from 5:30-7pm

SPIRITUAL WELLNESS: This is a 3-session series focused on spiritual well-being. This series takes an expansive approach to spirituality and is designed to help participants define what spirituality means to them, gain a more solid sense of self, explore a variety of contemplative practices and identify current and new practices that support personal spiritual well-being. 

USING STRENGTHS FOR CHANGE: This 4-session series will teach you how to achieve positive change in your life by focusing on your strengths. 

ENDURANCE SPORTS NUTRITION: Learn how to adequately hydrate, fuel, and recover for optimal training. This two-week series is intended for those training for endurance events (i.e., half marathon, full marathon, triathlon, distance cycling, etc). This offering is free and you can register online. (If you do not have an account, your ID# is your PersonID found on the back of your Mayo Clinic badge or call 507-266-4688.)

REMODELING YOUR TIME & SPACE MUSEUM: ​In this 5-session series you will learn organizational strategies and solutions to help better manage your time. Stay tuned for the next offering.

PICK UP THE PACE RUNNING: This two-session series will teach you strategies to increase your pace, overcome obstacles and improve your nutrition for running. Stay tuned for the next offering.

GEAR UP FOR GOLF: Get on top of your game with the Gear up for Golf! In this two-session series you will experience strengthening and stretching exercises aimed to improve your golf swing and decrease your risk of injury on the course. Stay tuned for the next offering.

GRATITUDE ADJUSTMENT: We will discuss the topic of gratitude and how it impacts other areas of our wellness. This two-session series will include time for presentation, small and large group discussion, as well as personal application. Stay tuned for next offering.

To register for a series, stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688.


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