Trying to find a quick workout or way to stay on track towards your health & wellness goals? Try these options below! Click the button to learn more.


Are you a recent mom or mom-to-be? Try one of our free pregnancy offerings. You will work with a coach and talk with other members in this same stage of life. 


If you need a good, quick workout, try one of our "express" drop-in classes. These classes are 30-minutes or less and designed to give you an effective workout in less time!

Wellness Champions

Become a Wellness Champion for your work group. It's a great way to keep healthy living a priority + find ways to be healthy without a formal workout.


Get quick workouts from our experts! These workouts have been featured in our monthly newsletter and are a productive way to burn calories in a short amount of time. 

Exercise Prescription

In this appointment, you will work with a Health & Wellness Coach to put together a personalized exercise plan based on your interests and goals.

Energy Burst Videos

Get the energy you are looking for with our quick energy burst videos. These are typically 10-minutes or less and will increase your heart rate!

Healthy Sleep

Are you running out of energy because you aren't getting a good night's sleep? Try our free, one-hour healthy sleep workshop for tips to get better sleep!

Check out these alternative offerings that are available to you with a membership.

Membership: Learn more about how to become a member of the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center.
Free Offerings: Many of our offerings are included in your membership to help you towards your healthy living goals.
Wellness Programs
: These programs incorporate all areas of wellness - fitness, nutrition and accountability.
Services: Learn more about the various services we have to offer from culinary classes to wellness evaluations to relaxation offerings and more!

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