Member Advisory Board

The purpose of the Member Advisory Board is to collaborate, assist and offer input by:

  • Collaborating with staff in a productive fashion to improve the quality of service provided;
  • Assisting in the identification of opportunities that will improve patient/member satisfaction;
  • Offering input to leadership in policy and procedure development and review.

*If you see any of these individuals on the fitness floor, feel free to approach them with any feedback, comments, or concerns on how we can make the DAHLC a better experience for you!

Abby T web
Abby Tricker
I'm a new mom and what I used to love to do is harder to fit into my life now. In the past, I was a runner who enjoyed half and full marathons but finding the time to train has been a challenge. Now, I enjoy some 'me' time by going to classes. Not only do they provide a great workout but it gives me some time to socialize as well. My favorite classes are Fusion and Power 45!

Amy K web
Amy Koenigs
Group fitness fanatic, favorites include: Cycle, Ignite, LifTT, HiiT H2O, Strength.  

Autumn webAutumn Gilliam
I’m a busy mom and former golf professional so I can’t wait for this snow to melt😜. I enjoy playing golf and all other outdoor activities, cooking, and I have 2 favorite classes: strictly strength and EX4 strength days.

Carlene web
Carlene Diekhuis
I like to do activities in the workout pool, water jogging, water aerobics, and  use the  machines in the women’s workout area.


Chris nelseon web
Chris Nelson
You’ll find me most days at the Generose DAHLC warming up on the Manual Curve Treadmill and lifting free weights!


Christa L web
Christa Leung
My favorite program is Powerful Women. My favorite class is Alexander Technique. My favorite equipment to use at the DAHLC are HydroMassage, Curve manual treadmill, and iDEXA scan. I love that I can try new classes and offerings to discover new favorites!

David O'Brien web
David O'Brien
I got started at the SMC DAHLC location while working nights and I’m still there frequently in the late evening hours. I do a little of everything but blame the Why Not Tri program for my current healthy addiction!

Lizzy web
Elizabeth Foo Kune
I enjoy kiteboarding, downhill skiing, and snowkiting. Since relocating to Rochester 18 months ago, the DAHLC has been a great place to feel like I’ve found a local community. I’ve taken advantage of many(awesome!) offerings since we joined, including Powerful Women, Strength Endurance, the Pregnancy Program, and Mission Motherhood. If you don’t see me on the fitness floor, chances are that I’m taking advantage of a yoga class, as I’ve been practicing it for the better part of the last ten years.

Gina web
Gina Trussoni
My favorite thing to do at the Dahlc is the free weight area strength training the Dahlc is my life 😊

Jimmy web
James "Jimmy" Johnson
You can find me at the DAHLC almost every morning at 5:45am. I'm primarily interested in strength training, so the free weight area is my common "hang out" spot. I haven't taken a class in a while but I have attended a cycling and rowing class in the past - they are intense!

Jeremy web
Jeremy McJunkin
I'm a marathon runner who also plays a lot of broomball. I also enjoy dry-aging my own steaks. My favorite thing to do at the DAHLC is the Ignite class.

Katie Brady web
Katie Brady-Schluttner
I like anything aerobic, but especially the elliptical and indo row. I do the circuit weights, and love Pilates reformer (and everything it has done for my posture, especially at work!)

Katie Kushwa web
Katie Cushwa
I'm a cyclist and fermentation enthusiast who frequents yoga and the free weight area at the DAHLC. My favorite program is Powerful Women.

Katie McPhillips web
Katie McPhillips
I had been doing mostly cardio, treadmill/elliptical, as I recovered from a shoulder injury. Now I am trying to get back into classes for an all-over workout and variety. There are so many new offerings and I can't wait to try them out!

Robert Gas web
Robert Gas
I'm a former college athlete who enjoys an array of workouts to stimulate all muscles. The DAHLC provides every opportunity to engage whatever the target muscle may be that day. You can find me on the elliptical for 30 minutes followed by 45 minutes in the free weights while mixing in other areas!

Sarah Lee web
Sarah Lee
I’m an active mom who likes to be outside with my family and friends fishing, snowshoeing, garage-saling, and playing volleyball. I enjoy taking a break from my busy days as a social worker to strength train in the southeast corner of the DAHLC while taking in some sunshine!

Tai web
Tai Kraft
As a single mom, finding time for self-care is not without its challenges. I love the flexibility of the DAHLC. You can find me working out over my lunch break (albeit not as frequently as I’d like), taking advantage of the relaxation services (I ❤️ the hydro massage) and utilizing the services of the DAHLC from home with an Exercise Rx created specifically for when it’s hard to get my workout in at the gym. I enjoy yoga class and weight lifting. I love how the DAHLC can meet anyone where they’re at in life. While I prefer working out at the DAHLC, I appreciate how I can take my workout home and have found the wellness services invaluable.

MAB photos (18)
Mary Wirtz
I mostly run/train for marathons so I am very fond of the wide selection of treadmills the DAHLC has to offer (though my fave treadmill is far right treadmill in women’s workout area)! I suppose I should lift a weight once in awhile, so I’m also a fan of free weights!

Madeline Christiansen
Madeline Christensen

The DAHLC has been a huge staple in my overall health and well-being. I utilize the free weight area, cardio machines, and drop-in group fitness classes on a regular basis. My favorite group fitness offerings include: strength, quick fix, strong, fusion, power 45, and row & reps, to name a few. I find that getting in my workout at 5 am before my 12 hour nursing shift is the perfect start to my day. Starting my day off with self-care energizes me and allows me to fully be present in the care I provide to my patients. I also enjoy running, hiking, rollerblading, and being active outdoors.