Group Training is great way to help you work towards your fitness goals. This 6-week service provides you with the opportunity to work with a Employee Well-Being Specialist in a small group environment (2-6 members) that provides support, motivation and accountability. Each session focuses on strength, cardio and flexibility and will meet once per week for 6 weeks up to 60 minutes per session. Attendance is required for all sessions and you are responsible for completing the workout at least one time on your own per week.

If it is your first training, you will sign up for a 30-minute group training placement consultation where a coach will discuss with you the goals you are looking to achieve and do a functional movement screen so you are placed in the correct training type. Here is how to prepare for a consultation. Below are the types of group trainings and when they are offered. If you would like to register for a group training, click here to our Member Portal and filter using the dates below to get signed up! 

*Fees will begin for these classes beginning January 1st, 2019, and are listed below:

Group Training Sessions:
September 2 – October 12
September 16 – October 26
September 30 – November 9
October 21 – November 30
November 4 – December 14
September 30 – November 9
November 11 – December 21

KBST Sessions:
September 2 – October 12
September 16 – October 26
October 21 – November 30
November 4 – December 14

Adaptive: A specialized group training model that offers a safe and effective exercise program for members experiencing complications resulting from limiting disability and/or disease. Fitness Floor and Pool options available. $15

Fitness Essentials: A progressive total body training designed to improve and optimize fundamental movement patterns in order to establish a solid exercise foundation. $15

Strength Endurance: This training is designed to enhance strength and stamina through a variety of progressive training styles and movements. $15

Strictly Strength: This training will focus on developing strength using higher weights and less repetitions. You will meet twice a week as a group with your trainer. $30

Prenatal (pool option available as well): Learn exercises that are safe for both you and baby. Contact Lisa to be placed in a prenatal group. $15

Kettlebell & Suspension: This training will focus on specific kettlebell and suspension exercises. You will meet twice a week as a group with your trainer. $30
Training sessions:
May 14 – June 23
July 9 – August 18

To register for a training, stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688. 
If you have questions about a group training, please contact Raegan.



Can't commit to a training? Try one of these options:

Basics Classes

Exercise Prescription

Training Studio Classes

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