12 Habits for Well-Being

Congratulations, you have made the commitment to yourself this year – to commit to the 12 Habits for Well-Being! By making this commitment, you’ve shown that you’re ready for positive improvement in your life. And, we’re excited to guide you on this journey.

You can join the challenge at any time by registering here. This program is open to all Mayo Clinic and Mayo Clinic Health System employees. If you'd like a copy of the poster with all 12 habits, click here.

Each month we’ll add a new habit that focuses on one of our six domains 12 Habits for Well-Being(physical, work-life integration, meaning in work, financial, emotional and social) for the month. You may already be doing some of the habits, or need to work on only a few, but almost no one has mastered all of them. That’s why we’ll be introducing one new habit each month, building upon each new habit. We’ll provide you with tips and resources on the specific habit and how you can incorporate it into your daily life. 
For this reason, there are no meeting times and no requirements to report back to us. You decide your level of participation – it may be easy or may be difficult, but always beneficial! Also, grab a colleague or your spouse to join you in this journey.

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