Stress Management And Resilience Training (SMART)

Wed, Apr 25
4:30am to 11:00pm CT


Want to increase your resilience and happiness? Register for Stress Management And Resilience Training (SMART) program! This program is in partnership with Dr. Amit Sood. You will learn key principles to apply to stressful situations to increase your present-moment awareness, gratitude, compassion, acceptance, meaning, and forgiveness.

Information session: Wednesday, Apr 25 at 4:30pm in DAHLC SL-124
Registration period: Apr 25 (after info session) - May 15
Program runs:
 May 16 - Aug 15
Program meets: Wednesdays 4:30-5:30pm
Cost: $100 (includes book)
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DAHLC Room SL-124

Questions? Contact:


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