Alexander Technique Book Club

Wed, Jul 5
4:30am to 11:00pm CT


The AT Book Club offers you the opportunity to discuss the Technique with other AT enthusiasts, build an AT community, refine your AT understanding, encounter AT from a variety of perspectives and deepen your AT practice. Participants will need to provide their own books, otherwise the offering is free.

Book details: Agility at Any Age: Discover the Secret to Balance, Mobility, and Confidence is about applying the Alexander Technique and movement sequences to improve mobility and balance. The book contains 40 instructional videos. You can access the videos with your iPhone, smartphone, or iPad. URL codes are also supplied if you would rather use your computer. Click here for the book.

Program meets: Tuesdays 5-6pm in SL-118 and SL-124
Program runs: July 18 - August 29
Cost: $0
Direct questions to: Laurel

Register online using the Member Portal, stop by the front desk or call 507-266-4688.


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