Advanced Alexander Technique (AT)

Tue, Dec 25
4:30am to 11:30pm CT


The Advanced AT Program was created as an offering for students with significant AT experience and dedication to their AT practice. A minimum of 6 month of consistent “Mind in Motion” attendance is a prerequisite. The Advanced AT Program is an opportunity to deepen, refine, and clarify AT practice and move into the most transformational, restorative, enlightening and lasting effects of the work. Some of the AT principles explored in greater depth are:

  • Meeting a Stimulus
  • The Observation Deck
  • Smile and Space
  • Confidence
  • Curves of the Spine
  • Use of the Eyes
  • Use of the Breath
  • Opposition
  • Power of No, Power of Yes
  • Spontaneous Movement
  • How it all works together

Registration period: Dec 25 - Jan 7
Program meets: Tuesdays, 1:15-2:15pm
Program runs: Jan 8 - Feb 26 
Cost: $80 (must have instructor invitation to register)
Place: Mind/Body Studio

Contact: Laurel Podulke-Smith (

For more information about the Alexander Technique, click here.


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