February 28, 2020

March Your Kids into Club Kids!


March 2-10: Rain, Sleet, Snow,  OH MY!

Club Kids is having fun with the weather this week! We will be tracking weather on our weather chart, talking about our favorite kind of weather, making weather themed crafts, working out and LOTS more. We hope the wind blows you by our way for a week that is sure to be fun filled!  

March 11-17: Thinking Green!

Club Kids will be looking green this week as we celebrate St. Patrick’s Day! Bring the kiddos by for lots of clover and leprechaun crafts, digging for gold, reading books, making rainbows in our science experiment and so much more. We can’t wait to see everyone for a fun filled week!

March 18-22: "5 Green and Speckled frogs.."

If you come by Club Kids this week you can join in on the fun as we dive into the world of Frogs & Toads! We will have songs, games, crafts, books & much more to go along with this theme. As the snow turns to rain and the grass is again visible, if you look real close you might be able to find a toad hopping around this spring! Hop on by - we are so excited to see you!

March 23-28: Rain Showers, Thunderstorms, Cloud Watching, THINK SPRING!

Can you tell we have SPRING FEVER?? It was a long winter, but at Club Kids we are ready to get Spring rolling. Come by this week for crafts, exercises, books, & many more activities all about SPRING! We hope to see you here!

March 30-April 4: Bugs, Bugs, and more Bugs!

One sure sign of Spring is when the bugs start coming out. At Club Kids this week we are jumping head first into the world of BUGS! While mom & dad get in a great work-out upstairs, your little ones will be learning about different kinds of bugs, counting lady bug spots, jumping like grasshoppers, making buggy crafts & having a blast! Hurry on over, they will thank you & you will have a peaceful time to exercise…kid-free!

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