February 4, 2020

Club Kids in February!


Feb 3-8:

At Club Kids we LOVE to read! What better way to kick off February (I LOVE TO READ MONTH) than with a week all about our favorite books?!? Bring the kids by this week for crafts, exercises, math & science activities that go along with some of Club Kids’ FAVORITE books. And of course there will be LOTS of extra reading time! We hope you can join the fun!

Feb 10-15:

Love and Kindness are in the air with Valentine’s Day this week! At Club Kids we can feel it too! Bring the kids by for Valentine themed crafts, books, learning ways to be kind to others, exercises like cupid leaps and racing hearts, science volcano experiment, matching hearts and much more fun. And while they are in good hands having a blast, mom & dad can get in a little workout date right up the stairs!

Feb 17-29:

What are ways you can stay healthy? What are some healthy habits you have? This week Club Kids is talking about healthy habits. We will learn about eating healthy, exercising, brushing teeth & going to the dentist and doctor. By the end of the week we will all be ready to be Healthy Heroes! We hope to see you all for this fun filled week!

March 2-7:

Rain, Sleet, Snow, OH MY! Club Kids is having fun with the weather this week! We will be tracking weather on our weather chart, talking about our favorite kind of weather, making weather themed crafts, working out and LOTS more. We hope the wind blows you by our way for a week that is sure to be fun filled! 

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