January 16, 2020

New Year, New-trition!


With the start of the New Year, perhaps you are finding yourself wanting to focus on your wellness. Nutrition plays a key role in this as it nourishes and fuels our bodies to be at their best.

To get started, ask yourself “What is one thing I’d like to change with my nutrition?” Perhaps you’d like to eat another serving of vegetables in your day or maybe you’d like to become more confident in your cooking or meal planning skills.

Your DAHLC dietitians are here to help you meet these and other goals you may have. Join us in the kitchen for our culinary classes or in the classroom to strengthen your nutrition knowledge and skills.  If you are not sure where or how to get started, no worries, we got you covered! We offer 1:1 nutrition consults where we can discuss sports nutrition, weight management or wellness related nutrition goals.

Wishing you the best in 2020,

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