November 11, 2019

Club Kids: Nov and Dec


Nov 11-16:
Stop by Club Kids this week and let your little ones become Silly Scientists for the week! We will have experiments, make hypothesis, using science to make crafts and much more. We are excited to dive into the world of science and have a lot of fun doing so! Hope to see you all this week!

Nov 18-23:
A-B-C & 1-2-3 How high can you count? Do you know the ABC song? Can you spell your name? We will be working on our counting and letters this week at Club Kids. Mom & Dad can work on their numbers by counting their reps & track their heart rate upstairs while the kids do the same and have lots more fun at Club Kids. We can’t wait to see you all!

Nov 25-30:
What are you thankful for? A warm house? Food to eat? Family to love? A great gym to come to? This week is Thanksgiving and we have SO much to be thankful for at Club Kids! We are thankful for wonderful families, great kids, caring teachers, and a beautiful space! Stop by this week and let us know what YOU are thankful for, make Thanksgiving crafts, do some graphing & kid sized exercises. Bring the kids by while you go burn a few calories before that Thanksgiving meal!

Dec 1-Jan 4:
What kind of holidays do you celebrate? What traditions does your family have? There are so many neat traditions and holidays around the world this time of year and we are going to celebrate several of them this month at Club Kids! We will have crafts, books, math, science and large motor activities for each holiday. Do you know what Diwali is? How about Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Eid? Does your family celebrate Christmas or St Lucia or St Nicholas Days? Come share about your traditions and learn about others during the month of December. We look forward to learning and sharing with you!

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