November 4, 2019

2020 Membership Price Increase Q and A


Q: Why are membership prices increasing?

A: Periodic rate increases are necessary to continue to provide high-quality facilities and programs that enhance health and well-being for those we serve. Through careful cost management, our team has been able to minimize membership price increases, with the last adjustment being in 2014.

Q: Why are membership prices increasing if Dan Abraham provided the donation?

A: The generous gift from Dan Abraham was for the structural building. The ongoing operational costs are supported through a combination of membership dues and support from Mayo Clinic as an employee benefit.

Q: How much is the membership price increase?

A: The membership price increase is $4/month. This equates to $1.85/pay period or $12/3-month pre-pay membership.

Q: Will I still receive the discount?

A: Yes, members will still receive the benefits of the incentive program. The $5 and $10 monthly discount incentive programs are not affected. Members who use the DAHLC 15-29 times during their three-month membership will receive a $5 deduction per month for their future three-month membership period. Members who use the DAHLC 30 times or more during a three-month membership period receive a $10 per month discount on their next membership fee.

Q: When will I see the increase?

A: The adjustment will be effective Jan. 1, 2020 for all members. Members using payroll deduction will see the change beginning with the Jan. 14, 2020 pay record.

Q: How was the increase price determined?

A: An analysis is conducted to compare local benchmarks to the current and new membership costs, and also to determine what price members are willing to pay that better reflects the value of the current services.

Click here to see the current rate and the 2020 rate.

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