October 8, 2019

Meet Vanna


I was introduced to yoga when I was pregnant with my second child. I found it hard to sleep through back and hip pain. My practice grew along with my kids. At first, my practice was limited to my living room; eventually, I graduated to studio classes. Just like it is for many, Yoga was life changing. It pushed me outside my comfort zones and it supported me in difficult situations.

I moved to Arizona and became addicted to the practice. Yoga teachings, yoga studios, and yogis were on every block. When I moved back home to Minnesota, I couldn’t help but talk about yoga,

Through encouragement from family and friends, I started to seek a yoga teacher training. I completed my 200 hours at the DAHLC and I am currently on staff. I am grateful to teach a diverse group of yogis that help me to continue challenging myself. The consistency of passion is heart felt.

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