January 10, 2019

January and February at Club Kids!

By Tom Jorgenson

Jan 7-19:

Winter is in full swing and we are embracing it at Club Kids! Bring the kids over the next 2 weeks as we experiment with melting colored ice, making fake snow, lots of winter themed crafts & books, matching mittens and more. We hope you bundle up, make the trek and join in on the fun!

Jan 21-26:

Polar bear? Snowy owl? Moose? What is your favorite arctic or winter animal? Club Kids will be having fun making crafts, reading books, doing exercises and learning all about these cold weather loving animals. Come by to join the fun!

Jan 28-Feb 2:

Who is your favorite team in the Super Bowl? Who will win the big game?

Will the Groundhog see his shadow? Or will Spring be early this year?

Come to Club Kids this week as we try to answer these questions! We will have crafts, work outs, science activities & lots of graph & math. It is sure to be a SUPER time!

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