December 3, 2018

Updates Beginning January 1st, 2019

By Tom Jorgenson

Beginning January 1, 2019 we have three changes we want you to be aware of.

First, we are excited to announce the addition of a new training service that will meet the needs of our members looking for more flexibility. Starting January 2019, EX4 will launch. EX4 is a small group training service that:

•Offers online registration (reserve your spot and no waiting in line)
•Offers flexibility (choose the days and times you want to attend, no long term commitment to the same day/time per week)
•Provides the opportunity to train with a coach multiple days/week (you choose how many days/week you want to train)
•Offers variety (participate in both strength and metabolic focused workouts for a well-rounded program) Learn more about this new offering here.

Second, starting January 1, 2019, fees will be applied to small group training (starting at $15), Pilates Reformer ($20) as well as other DAHLC offerings. No fees will be collected for members registering for small group training or Pilates Reformer prior to the January 1 implementation date. These minimal fees help to provide the services, spaces and equipment that we rely on in order to offer you an unparalleled wellness experience with highly qualified staff. All of us at the Dan Abraham Healthy Living Center feel grateful to be able to rely on your support, membership and continued participation in our services. This excludes Drop-in classes (they will continue to be free with your membership). You can find the fees associated with each offering in our Offerings Catalog here.

Lastly, in our efforts to go green and promote sustainability, there will no longer be a print monthly newsletter or "Registrations Calendar." The newsletter content will remain the same, and instead will be solely brought to you here in an email format. The print Registrations Calendar will be replaced with our Open Registrations Calendar which can be found here.


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