October 26, 2018

1, 2, 3, 4… the DAHLC declares a PENNY WAR!

By Tom Jorgenson

What is it?
Penny wars are a simple fundraising idea and the DAHLC invites you (our members!) to participate as part of its fundraising efforts for the Mayo Clinic Community Giving Campaign. Not familiar on how this game works? Not to worry. In this game, there are multiple teams – Teams can be departments, classes, etc. Teams place pennies into their team containers, while placing silver coins and paper money to count as negative points in competing team containers.

Each team (department)
HR-DAHLC (Beth Riley)
HR-Worksite Wellness (Kaisa Wieneke)
Health & Wellness Coach-DAHLC (Jen Zundel)
HR-Group Fitness-DAHLC (Heather Schnell)
will have a water jug labeled with their respective work units title on the jug.

Each penny is valued at 1 point.
Nickels – Negative 5 points.
Quarters – Negative 25 points.
$1 bill - Negative 100 points.
And so on...
(The value of the currency is the point value. If it is a penny, count it as a positive point and if it is silver or paper, count it as negative.)

Winners and Losers:
The group with the most positive points wins! The team that finishes at the bottom of the standings will also win... a pie in the face. Yes! The manager for that work unit will have to take a whipped cream pie to the face.

When and Where?
This campaign will run November 1-15. The penny jars will be located on the DAHLC Lobby Level between the front desk and the locker rooms. The finale to declare who takes the whipped cream pie to the face will be held on Tuesday, November 20 at 1 p.m. in the Center Cafe (DAHLC Subway Level). You won't want to miss this!

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