August 30, 2018

Staff Highlight

By Tom Jorgenson

This month, we want to take a moment to highlight our wonderful DAHLC staff and show our appreciation for their hard work that keeps this world-class facility in top-notch condition for your leisure!

Group Fitness Instructors
Our Group Fitness Instructors provide motivation and expertise in numerous daily drop-in class options to help members reach their goals. Combined, our Group Fitness Instructors offer our members over 150+ live drop-in classes each week! They are busy from the Pool to the Cycle Studio to the Mind/Body Studio to the Multipurpose Studio. Go ahead and try a class. If you want to learn more, schedule our free Group Fitness Consultation. Click their photos here to learn more about them and what classes they teach. To see the drop-in class schedule, click here.






Member Service Representatives
Member Services Representatives (MSR) are the go-to specialists that answer questions, assist with program registrations and provide daily smiles to all! Our MSR staff love our DAHLC members and will go to any length to help you on your wellness journey. We're here to answer questions, encourage you and cheer you on. Welcome!





Well-Being Specialists
Formally known as Health & Wellness Coaches, our Well-Being Specialists have the knowledge and skills to provide education and proven program formats to help members achieve wellness in all aspects of their lives. Our Well-Being Specialists focus on four areas: TrainingWellness ProgramsWellness Coaching and Evaluation Services. Specialty areas and program involvement of the coaches are listed here. Click their image to learn more about them!

To learn more about our wonderful staff and their roles and responsibilities, check them out here!

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